Honolulu, Hawaii Transport Traffic Highways

Honolulu traffic is very common due the big quantity of residents and visitors that the city receive. Honolulu is the capital of Hawaii and is the favorite place for a beach vacation, even royalty in 19th century used Waikiki as a playground due to its beauty and location. Since 1960 Honolulu is been trying to improve Honolulu transport services and highways to avoid traffic during rush hour, since this is one of the most important cities in the island, improves have not been enough and they continue to suffer of it.

If you are about to take a hawaii vacation, this is the ideal place for you, although there is a lot of traffic at all times there are many services available such as bus routes that get into the airport and the new traffic cameras that have been installed to help with any traffic report needed on streets, highways and road conditions while driving in Honolulu.

Driving in Honolulu is very simple due the simple highway system, if transit is moderated you can only take 1 hour to get to Waikiki and to move all around the Oahu island. If you don't want to drive then you can purchase bus tickets that are cheaper than any other Honolulu transport and move from one side to another without many problems. Roads have been designed and designated to different transports such as buses and bicycles that are commonly used by residents to avoid rush hour.

To move easier and faster inside the city you should buy a map of Honolulu and look for directions from where you are located. If you are not sure about the highways and streets, you can check the traffic cameras online that will give you accurate traffic reports and schedules for different transport. You can move from any place, even from hawaii resorts by just taking the Interstate Highway.

In general traffic in Honolulu is terrible, but the place is just perfect for hawaii vacation and is something you can't miss if you are close to this place. Honolulu traffic is not always high, check transit reports and cameras before you decide roads to take.

  • Why aren't there any Billboards on the roads of Hawaii? Well, who would like a 'Buy billboard blocking their view of a Hawaiian Sunset? Since tourism is the main revenue source of the Hawaiian islands, Hawaiian people protect the beauty of their natural assets at all costs. Billboard advertising is simply not welcome on the roads of Hawaii.

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